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Minutes of Technical-cum-Purchase Committee meeting dated 28.10.2022

Minutes of Technical-cum-Purchase Committee meeting dated 28.10.2022

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  Dated: 28/10/2022
1. 23/02/2024JAAC minutes dated 22.2.2024 reg.Dr.Seema Singh's CCL
2. 14/02/2024JAAC through circulation 9.2.2024 reg Mr. Prakash Tiwari's synopsis approval
3. 13/02/2024jaac through circulation dt 13.2.2024 duty leave of Dr.Mahesh Thakur
4. 01/02/2024JAAc through circulation on 1.2.2024 duty leave of Prof. Rajeev Patnaik
5. 01/02/2024JAAc through circulation on 1.2.2024 duty leave of Prof. Naveen Chaudhri & Prof. Parampreet Kaur
6. 01/02/2024Minutes JAAC through circulation on 24.1.2024 reg.duty leave to attend IUGS executive committee
7. 01/02/2024Minutes jAAC duty leave of Dr. Mahesh Thakur from 21 Jan to 31 Jan 2024
8. 30/01/2024minutges jAAC 30.1.2024 reg.Dr.Mahesh Thakur's duty leave from 21 jan to 31 jan2024
9. 29/01/2024jaac held on 24.1.2024 to allow duty leave of Prlf.Gurmeet to attend IUGS
10. 16/01/2024JAAC meeting held on 14.9.2023 reg.registration of Ms. Jagjeet Kaur & Shubhaam Chaudhary in Ph.D
11. 18/12/2023RAC Minutes dated 18/12/23
12. 12/12/2023Minutes of Jaac Committee dated 12.12.2023 regarding Honours & Incentives to non teaching employees
13. 11/12/2023Minutes of JAAC Geology Department regarding appointment of new Supervisor to Mr. Jugraj Singh due to sad demise of his previous Supervisor.
14. 07/12/2023Minutes of RDC Committee
15. 01/12/2023Minutes of Jaac Committee 1/12/23
16. 01/12/2023JAAC minutes through Circulation 1-12-23
17. 16/11/2023Minutes of RAC Meeting held on 16-11-2023
18. 16/11/2023Minutes of Meeting held on 15-11-2023
19. 02/11/2023Minutes of Jaac Committee
20. 27/10/2023JAAC MINUTES HELD ON 25.10.23
21. 10/10/2023minutes jaac 10.10.2023 through circulation
22. 20/09/2023minutes jaac through circulation dt 20.9.2023 reg. approval/recommendation for the synopsis of Mr. Mohd. Munajir Chauhan
23. 18/09/2023JAAC 14.9.23 Ph.D registration of Ms. Jagjeet & Mr.Shubham
24. 15/09/2023JAAC Dr.Susanta's project meeting through circulation 15.9.2022
25. 14/09/2023withdrawal of co-supervision of Ph.D Research Scholar, Ms. Parminder Kaur
26. 14/09/2023Minutes of Technical Cum- Purchase Committee through Circulation
27. 06/09/2023Minutes technical-cum Purchaase Committee held on 1.9.23
28. 06/09/2023Minutes of JAAC held on17.8.2023 reg in person workshop of Dr. Mahesh as PI
29. 05/09/2023jaac dated 29.8.2023
30. 23/08/2023JAAC regarding Dr. Debabrata Das' MoU betwen PU and DRM
31. 17/08/2023ao porposal for capacity building in space based disaster management support (Dr.Mahesh Thakur)
33. 08/08/2023JAAC reg.recommendation of NPDF application ofd Dr. Mohd Waqas and Dr. Nongmaithem Amardas Singh
34. 08/08/2023JAAC minujtes reg.sanchit garg's resignation from Ph.D.
35. 02/08/2023jaac 2.8.2023 by circulation reg. Ms. Meghna Kumari applying for DST-WISE Ph.D project
36. 28/07/2023Mom dated 27.7.2023 for time-table and Mr.Vijender's case for honours/incentive
37. 21/07/2023minutes of technical held on 21.7.2023 at 12.00 noon
38. 19/07/2023Minutes of Jaac Committee reg Dr.Das project held on 13.7.2023
39. 08/06/2023minutes of technical-cum-purchase committee held on 5.6.2023 at 11.00 a.m.
40. 17/05/2023Presentation of Ph.d synopsis of Mohd. Munazir Chauhan and Mr. Raj Kiran Dhiman
41. 09/05/2023minutes of technical-cum-purchase committee for opening tender
42. 01/05/2023minutes jaac dt 22.3.2023 by circulation reg synopsis of Mr. Raj Kiran & Mr. Mohd. Munazir Chauhan
43. 01/05/2023Minutes of Jaac Committee dt 29.3.2023 by circulation
44. 22/03/2023minutes of technical held on 15.3.2023 reg open of technical bids of tender (174/G dt 15.2.23
45. 22/03/2023JAAC by circulation on 15.3.2023 to approve Raj Kiran's request to recommend Dr. Franck Bourrier as his co-supervisor
46. 14/03/2023Minutes of Meeting
47. 14/03/2023minutes of the meeting of Technical-cum-Purchase Committee through circulation on 27.2.2023
48. 10/03/2023JAAC Minutes 10.03.2023
49. 27/02/2023jaac held on 23.2.2023 reg. enrolment for Ph.D registration of Mr. Ramkrishna Mondal
50. 23/02/2023MoM JAAC 23.2.23 for adding co-supervisor, Mr. Raj Kiran Dhiman
51. 23/02/2023seminar on 24th Fabruary 2023 at 11:00 a.m. in the seminar hall of the deptt.
52. 22/02/2023reg. bills for field tours & GeM portal purchases
53. 21/02/2023Minutes JAAC Dr.Susanta Paikaray applying for R&D project
54. 09/02/2023minutes technical Committee Dr.Das's project
55. 09/02/2023minutes of jAAC through circulation for Dr. Susanta Paikaray's project
56. 08/02/2023minutes jaac 08.02.2023 plan of academic & research activities
57. 06/02/2023Secretaries of academic and administrative committee-2023
58. 02/02/2023Minutes of JAAC held on 20.1.2023
59. 20/01/2023Minutes of Jaac Committee
60. 30/12/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
61. 30/12/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
62. 30/12/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee.
63. 27/12/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee of the deptt. to convert Mr. Karanveer from regular to part-time
64. 14/12/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
65. 14/12/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee.
66. 14/12/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
67. 07/12/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee
68. 29/11/2022Minutes of Technical-cum-Purchase Committee
69. 29/11/2022Minutes of Technical cum Purchase Committee
70. 04/11/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee
71. 31/10/2022Minutes of faculty of the department
72. 31/10/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee
73. 13/10/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee
74. 30/09/2022Minutes of JAAC dated 29.09.2022
75. 30/09/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee
76. 29/09/2022Minutes of Technical-cum-Purchase Committee
77. 29/09/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee
78. 28/09/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee
79. 28/09/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee
80. 20/09/2022Minutes of JAAC Committee
81. 14/09/2022Minutes of Technical-cum-Purchase Committee
82. 02/09/2022Technical-cum-Purchase committee to approve the evaluation of the bidders
83. 29/08/2022Minutes of JAAC Meeting
84. 24/08/2022Minutes of Technical-cum-Purchase Committee
85. 16/08/2022Minutes of meeting of Jaak
86. 04/08/2022Minutes of JAAC Meeting dated 04.08.2022
87. 29/07/2022Minutes of the meeting of JAAC dated 28.07.2022
88. 05/07/2022Minutes of Technical-cum-Purchase Committee held on 27/06/2022
89. 28/06/2022Meeting regarding IQAC
90. 28/06/2022Meeting regarding NEP
91. 20/06/2022Minutes of JAAC Meeting dated 10.06.2022
92. 06/06/2022Minutes of meeting of Technical-cum- Purchases Committee
93. 24/05/2022Minutes of Technical-cum-Purchase Committee
94. 20/05/2022Minutes of JAAC Meeting dated 19.05.2022
95. 11/05/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
96. 10/05/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
97. 04/05/2022Minutes of meeting of Technical cum Purchase Committee
98. 04/05/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
99. 04/05/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
100. 29/04/2022Minutes of Technical-Cum-Purchase Committee
101. 26/04/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
102. 26/04/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
103. 12/04/2022Minutes of Joint Administrative and Academic Committee (JAAC)
104. 04/04/2022Minutes of meeting of Technical cum Purchase Committee
105. 04/04/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
106. 24/03/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
107. 24/03/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
108. 16/03/2022Minutes of meeting of Jaak
109. 04/03/2022Minutes of meeting of Technical cum Purchase Committee
110. 23/02/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
111. 23/02/2022Minutes of meeting of Technical cum Purchase Committee
112. 15/02/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
113. 10/02/2022Minutes of meeting of Technical cum Purchase Committee
114. 21/01/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
115. 18/01/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
116. 18/01/2022Minutes of Jaac Committee
117. 13/10/2021Minutes of Jaac Committee
118. 28/09/2021Minutes of Space Audit Committee
119. 28/09/2021Minutes of meeting of Jaak
120. 14/09/2021Minutes of meeting of Administrative Committee
121. 09/09/2021Minutes of meeting of Technical cum Purchase Committee
122. 07/09/2021Mintues of technical cum purchase comm.
123. 31/08/2021Mintues of technical cum purchase comm.
124. 31/08/2021Minutes of jaac meeting
125. 24/08/2021Minutes of the Space Audit Committee Meeting dated 13.08.2021
126. 18/08/2021Mintues of technical cum purchase comm.
127. 18/08/2021Minutes of jaac meeting
128. 18/08/2021Minutes of meeting of Administrative & Academic
129. 18/08/2021Minutes of meeting of Administrative & Academic
130. 13/08/2021Minutes of meeting of Jaak
131. 13/08/2021Minutes of meeting of Academic Committees
132. 13/08/2021Minutes of meeting of Jaak
133. 30/07/2021Minutes of jaac meeting
134. 30/07/2021Mintues of technical cum purchase comm.
135. 30/07/2021Minutes of jaac meeting
136. 28/07/2021Minutes of jaac meeting
137. 26/07/2021Minutes of meeting of Joint Administrative and Academic Committees
138. 26/07/2021Minutes of meeting of Joint Administrative and Academic Committees
139. 26/07/2021Minutes of meeting of Academic Committees
140. 26/07/2021Minutes of meeting of Academic Committees
141. 26/07/2021Minutes of meeting of Administrative and Academic Committees
142. 26/07/2021Minutes of meeting of the Faculty on 16/04/2021
143. 27/02/2020minutes of jaac meeting
144. 20/02/2020mintues of tech. comm.
145. 20/02/2020minutes of jaac meeting

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