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Research Projects

S.No. Title of Project and Sanction Letter No Sponsor / Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) Tenure / Duration Supervisor / Principal Investigator / Co-Supervisor Number of Manpower / Research Fellows Brief Objective
1.  Landslide Forewarning System for Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, India.
Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India 56.7 3 years Dr. Mahesh Thakur / Mr. Sukhvir Singh Prof. Naveen Aggarwal 1 Risk assessment using artificial intelligence for monitoring landslides. Installation of Landslide Early warning system at Manikaran
2.  Integrated palaeontology, biostratigraphy and sedimentology of the Cambrian successions of the Nelang Valley (Garhwal Himalaya) and Kali Valley (Kumaun Himalaya), Uttrakhand: its regional and global correlation
CSIR 9 2021-2024 B.P.Singh / O.N.Bhargava 0 Biostratigraphic zonation and sedimentological evolution of the Cambrian successions in the Nelang (Garhwal) and the Kali valleys (Kumaun) and its regional and global correlation and palaeogeographic reconstruction based on paleobiogeograhic analysis
3.  Assessment of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in other economic resources in Coal and Non Coal Strata and Characterization of Acid Mines Dranage and its pollution control form the North Eastern region (NER) Coalfield, India
MoC 361 2 years & 6 months Dr. Debabrata Das / 2 Economic potentiality of critical mineral from secondary sources (coal & its byproducts) and develop technique for controlling acid mine drainage.
4.  Collaborative Research: A Chronology and Ecological Context of Primate and Mammalian Evolution
National Science Foundation , USA 185 4 years Chris Gibery / Prof. Rajeev Patnaik 0 To Search for Early Hominoids in the Ramnagar Siwaliks and establish a chronological framework
5.  Subsistence and symbolism in prehistoric India: Understanding environmental contexts in relation to Homo sapiens dispersals and adaptations
MHRD Govt. of India 99.39 5 years Prof. Parth Chauhan / Prof. Rajeev Patnaik Anoop Ambili Shailesh Agrawal Anjum Farooqui 0 To set a model for multidisciplinary collaborative research in Indian prehistory (archaeology, palynology, paleontology, geology)
6.  Rodent-based biochronology and palaeoecology of the Neogene Terrestrial sequences of Kutch and Kathiawar, Gujarat & HR
SERB, Govt. of India 52.43 5 years Prof. Rajeev Patnaik / None 2 To search for small mammals from the Neogene terrestrial deposits exposed in Kutch and Kathiawar, Gujarat and to date these sediments using rodent biochronology.
7.  Active Fault, Paleoseismic and crustal deformation in NW and Central Himalaya, India: An integrated approach towards Seismic Hazard Assessment
Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India 92 7 years Dr. Mahesh Thakur / 0 Active fault mapping and Paleoseismology

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